Are you fed up with the constant routine of maintaining your difficult hair?


Kerastraight Before Treatment


Kerastraight After Treatment


A few weeks later - wavy blow dry shows versatility

This revolutionary product is a semi-permanent treatment to repair, tame, smooth and control unruly, frizzy, curly, wavy and damaged hair.

With the power of keratin, the key structural component of hair,  Kerastraight has been developed to simultaneously repair and smooth.  It does not use chemicals and is 100% Aldehyde and Formaldehyde free.


Unlike similar products it can be used on all hair types and even washed the same day.  No trying to live and sleep keeping your hair straight for days before washing.  Just look at these results...



" I have had the Kerastraight treatment for the past two years and it has transformed my hair.  Prior to having this treatment my hair was unruly, frizzy and very thick.  Even though I have short hair it has produced amazing results.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It is a life-saver! "

(Charlie, Liverpool)

" I would highty recommend Kerastraight.  Best system ever for unruly hard to manage hair.  Totally revives condition without damaging the hair.  So pleased I get it done every 3 months "

(Michelle, Runcorn)


This client has curly, frizzy hair which needs to be intensively managed.  

After regular Kerastraight treatments, her hair is much easier to manage and is in significantly better condition.  

Want to know more?

 What makes Kerastraight the first choice over other products?

Kerastraight is designed by hairdressers who understand client needs.  It also has the endorsement of some of the greatest award winning hairdressers who value the treatment as not only providing the ultimate results but also the fact that Kerastraight is completely and certifiably safe for the user and consumer.


Is Kerastraight a permanent solution?

No.  Kerastraight is based on the hair's natural protein Keratin and will gradually fade out of the hair.

Will this make my hair permanently straight?

No.  Kerastraight is designed to make your hair much more manageable but depending on your natural hair it will still need some management.

Can Kerastraight be applied on pre-treated or coloured hair?

Yes.  Kerastraight can be applied to all hair types including highlighted, bleached, coloured and also on hair that has had no history of chemical services (virgin hair).​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hair can be coloured within 2 days of the service.


Can Kerastraight be applied on hair that has been permed, chemically straightened or relaxed?

Yes.  The treatment can be used on any hair that has had previous chemical services.


How long does the Treatment last?

The benefits of the treatment last in the hair for a period of up to 4 months depending on the hair type.  On hair that has had previous chemical services the results are more dramatic and last longer.  With hair types that are natural with no chemical service history, the results are better and last longer after subsequent treatments.

How long does the service take?

2 - 3 hours depending on hair type, thickness and length.   There are a lot of stages involved in ensuring the perfect result so please ensure you allow enough time.


When can I Shampoo my hair after the Treatment?

Once the service is complete you can shampoo and treat your hair as normal on the same day.  This is a huge bonus compared to the after care of some other products.

Can I use styling products in my hair after the Treatment

Yes, however your stylist may recommend an alternative styling product to better suit your newly repaired and straightened hair.

Will I be able to have the Treatment again after the first application?​

Kerastraight should last between 3-4 months depending on hair type and after-care, but can be re-applied after 30 days.  


What After-Care is recommended to ensure best possible results are maintained?

Kerastraight recommends using only the Kerastraight Shampoo and Conditioner which are Sodium Chloride and Sulphate free and have been specifically developed to maximize the longevity of the treatment, support and maintain your treatment and protect against daily environmental stresses.

OK, so how much does it cost?

Prices start from £115.

​Kerastraight Straight Maintain Shampoo & Conditioner

Sodium-free and Sulphate-free, the shampoo cleans the hair mildly but effectively.  Containing high-powered nutrients it cleanses away the impurities without affecting the protective layer of keratin.

The conditioner contains a blend of complex proteins and has been developed to support and maximize the longevity of the Kerastraight treatment.